Aarna Water Solution is a reputed Boilers supplier especially for water treatment and testing projects. The boilers being used in big industries and companies for its facility, have to fulfil few basic requirements for the boiler feed water treatment system so as to have an efficient and flawless process along with the eminence steam generation. The most appropriate boiler feed water treatment system will help the facility with various factors like:
  • Reduction of costly plant downtime
  • In minimizing expensive maintenance fees
  • Dropping risks of boiler failure that might occur due to fouling, corrosion and scaling in the boiler
  • Avoiding downstream equipment
Boilers are majorly of two categories- Low-pressure and High-pressure.
Low Pressure Boilers:
AWS supply the low pressure boilers which exhibit high grade of performance compared to the high-pressure steam boilers. Low-pressure boilers run at lower pressures and operate at lower temperatures. In low-pressure boilers, steam pressure is limited to 15 psi and water is not heated above 250oF (pounds per square inch). Because it uses less energy to manufacture and puts less strain on components, low-pressure steam can be more cost-effective to produce than high-pressure steam.

Hospitals, campuses of universities, commercial buildings, and multi-family homes all have access to heated water from low-pressure steam boilers. A few small-scale industrial activities can also directly employ steam produced by low-pressure boilers. Some state regulations, which are advantageous to some businesses, decrease the requirements for boiler operators for boilers operating below 15 psi.

High Pressure Boilers:
We also supply High Pressure Boilers with premium performance range. These High-pressure steam boilers create steam at above 15 psi. Usually, industrial high-pressure boilers operate at hundreds of psi. These High Pressure Boilers operate at significantly higher temperatures than Low Pressure boilers.

High-pressure boilers are very necessary for providing high amount of energy transfer so as to down-stream the point-of-use equipment. High-pressure boiler steam is being used directly in so many industrial processes like food processing, vulcanizing rubber, manufacturing of goods and many more. High-pressure boilers may be used to produce steam as per requirement like in generation of constant steam or huge volume of steam.

There are the three primary goals must be met during boiler feed water treatment and conditioning mentioned below:
  • Prevention of corrosion
  • Constant heat exchange
  • The generation of a very good quality and quantity of steam
We have the Boiler Treatment Chemicals range as stated below:
  • pH Booster
  • Oxygen Scavanger
  • Sludge Conditioner