Water Management

Water management is the process of organization of water resources. Water is one the most crucial natural resource for the existence of the human beings so we have to be very cautious while spending it. In Water Management Services, our goal is to help setting up the smart water preserving systems that are highly sustainable and efficient. Water Management is the process where resource management of water is carried out like arrangements, distribution, and managing the optimum usage of water resources. We can understand it more by saying it a small form of water cycle.

AWS is there to avail you with the end to end water management solutions and services regarding your water and waste water planning and management. Our goal is to serve your business to be a responsible environmental neighbor. Aarna Water Solution would always like to establish a respected and long-term partnership for helping you manage your water and chemical usage. Right from surveying the project, planning, designing, integration, installation, execution, staff training, maintenance up till the after services, we have it all. We provide the client with the custom combinations of various water management equipment like boilers, cooling systems, treatment technologies etc.

Water is a renewable source of energy but to collect, process and recycle the water is not as simple as it sounds. It requires proper planning, development, experience and setup. Different types of Water Management Processes involve the below methods:
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Groundwater harvesting
  • Desalination
  • Wastewater Treatment for Recycle
How Water Management Services work at AWS?
We provide overall water management which include managing the incoming and outgoing water and waste water. A systematic study is being done on all the data like-
  • Quantity of water required
  • Quality of water required
  • Volume of reservoirs available
  • Expected quantity of discarded water
  • Scope of treatment of discarded water onsite
  • Testing of incoming water, waste water and treated water
A detailed study about all of the above parameters is done and a full proof plan is recommended as per the budget, site and project’s requirements.