Water Treatment

Aarna Water Solution is highly dedicated towards Water Treatment Processes as it involves the aim to protect the atmosphere, communities and environment. Government has implied the treatment and testing of the outlet water such as the wastewater from residents and industries from pollution by pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, beverages, food etc. Systematic testing of wastewater runoffs at various treatment steps is essential by most of the regulatory sources.

We at AWS make sure that the water treatment process is done very precisely and each step is paid high attention. Water Treatment process is done in below major steps:
  • First the removal of all outsized and reconcilable solids from the wastewater is done.
  • Then removal of the carbon-based pollutants by using accelerated biological growth is performed.
  • In the next step the reduction of nutrients loaded in the wastewater is done by using the combination of biological and chemical processes.
  • And at last the removal of tough budding pollutants like hard chemicals, pharmaceutical compounds, pesticides, preservatives or any other complex molecules is done.
We assure you that all of our treatment procedures meet the national and international standards like CPCB, MoEFCC, WHO etc.

Water treatment is our area of specialization as we deal in all the Water Treatment Equipment like Boilers, Cooling Systems, ETP Chemicals, Water Treatment Spares, RO Plant, DM Plants, Basic Chemicals etc. along with specialized processes. The advantage our client get is that the whole thing is outsourced for them so that they can just focus on their core. You just have to remunerate for the services you seek for. We provide a Water Treatment Service Contract to the client which include the following features:
  • Choice of Program: The client can choose the program as per their requirement and setup. We also provide them the detailed guide that which program goes best suited for them and the environment where they will operate along with a tentative document with the comparison of bids.
  • Implementation: Here the clients are free to analyze whether they are getting the desired outputs. We also provide a guide which will help thoroughly to supervise the supplier so as to beat the best ROI.
  • Alternatives to Chemicals: We recommend and assure chemical free treatment methods as much as possible for water treatment programs. We get you a complete setup where you can conserve water with least usage of chemical additives. We tend to suggest you more solutions where the costing can be reduced fairly well.