Cooling Tower

The Cooling Tower provided by AWS do so much more than just cooling water systems. It protects your systems from microbiological growth, deposits and corrosion. It also supports maximizing the lifespan of your cooling water system, while keeping minimum usage of energy, water and other resources. The best advantage is that the maintenance costs appears to be as low as possible.

Cooling Tower at AWS provide the below equipment:
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Azole Bay for Yellow Metal
  • Antiscalant
  • Biocides
Cooling Tower Water Treatment?
Cooling tower water treatment is the process to remove toxic and other damaging impurities by using the cooling tower system. In this treatment method, the usage of chemical products and filtration technologies are done. By using cooling tower water treatment, the major issues during the process can be resolved like:
  • Dirt and fine particulate
  • Scaling problems
  • Excessive Foam Issue
  • Biofilm and fouling
  • Corrosion
How do AWS cooling towers help the environment?
It is has been analyzed that the average amount of water withdrawn by any factory is very large. The use of a local water source which runs through their system is also huge and the worst part is that it is being dumped back as it is into the source from where it came. While the system which make use of the cooling towers recycles that water and cools it down so that it can be repurposed for its original requirements.

More Benefits of Cooling Tower
  • It reduces energy and water consumption to a great extent.
  • Making use of AWS Cooling Tower helps improving the productivity of the plant.
  • It reduces the downtime.
  • The maintenance charges are remarkably low.
  • It exhibits great efficiency for better biological evolution control.
Here at Aarna Water Solution, we can help you to optimize your cooling tower water treatment process. Our analysis service will guide you to determine your filtration needs and our high quality chemicals will help to get your water in the ideal state for the mechanical filtration. The expert team at AWS will assure you to get the flawless side stream percolation unit to support your cooling tower in smooth running condition.