Water Treatment Spares

AWS is greatly dedicated to supply the unique water solutions products which include Water Treatment Spares Parts and more products to various industries located in different parts of India. AWS is one of the prominent suppliers of water treatment plant spare parts. All of our products and services are supported by very well trained professionals and engineers who have experience of more than a decade in the field of Water Treatment Services and Systems. These spare parts are also available in numerous standard as well as customized specifications for the clients. The Water Treatment Components and Spares supplied by us are mentioned below:
The Pumps supplied by AWS are very powerful and ideal to use as it is required to create pressure for the various water treatment plant processes.

Filter Press Machine And Cloth
Filter press machine is used to separate liquids and solids. In this process, the principle of pressure drive is implemented.

Strainers are used to remove sand, silt, debris, dirt particles etc., from the water. They are usually used for extreme flows for solids loading so as to protect the operating equipment.

Blowers are used in large or medium wastewater treatment and testing applications.

Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon shows higher effectiveness in removal of odors, heavy metals, pollutants, discolorations etc. The good quality of carbon has wider surface area which is favorable for the adsorption of more impurities.

Sand Media
Sand Media is the process in which sand is used for filtration. The filtration happens due to the ‘porous’ nature of a sand particles. The sand layer traps the particles present in the water.

Tube Back Media
We provide a really practical choice of the tube settler media which are durable and versatile so that they can be used in water treatment facility.

RO & UF Membranes (Hydraunautics, Ge, Dow Etc)
These are used in a low pressure membrane water treatment method that is intended to eliminate particles that contribute to turbidity such as suspended sediments, proteins, colloidal debris and bacteria.

Victaulic Coupling
AWS Victaulic pipe couplings are very efficient to connect pipes of various sizes and materials and are used in various commercial applications.

We have the bunch of best quality Water Treatment Spares which are being used in several water treatment products like DM plants, Water Softeners, RO systems, Waste Water Testing and Treatments etc. The range of our spare parts are ensured for durability and are manufactured by making use of latest technologies, high evaluated raw material, skilled team just to lock the optimum performance.

In order to meet the detailed specifications of customers, we pay comprehensive attention over the manufacturing of assorted range of Water Testing and Treatment Plant Spare Parts. At AWS, we provide these products at very equitable prices.